Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Buffet Themes

The following themes are fun & exciting added with a little bit of spice, salt & crunch! All the flavors that life has to offer!

1 The Black Tie Affair: created with black & white candies
2 Caribbean Island: Very colorful design including blue, pink, green,
yellow & orange
3 Classic (Traditional): white candies
4 Fall Harvest: Red, orange, yellow & cream candies
5 Hot Summer: Colors including all colors of a sunset & or a sunrise
6 Pretty in Pink: Using Pink & White candies
7 Let it Snow: silver & white candies
8 Decadent: dried fruit, nuts, chocolates & chocolate covered pretzel
9 Old-Time: Salt Water Taffy, caramel cremes, wax bottles,
bit o honey, mary janes, runts, circus peanuts & etc
10 Carnival/Circus: Now & Laters, Circus peanuts, blowpops, gumballs & etc
11 Beach: Saltwater taffy, chocolate & etc
12 Luau: nuts & dried fruit
13 Sports: Jawbreakers, fireballs, lemonheads, lollypops, chocolates
14 Eco-Friendly: Dark Chocolate & organic candies
15 Cocktail Parties: rice crackers, nuts, chex mix, mini bagels & tc

*****Look for new additions of Themes from our design team*****


Unique Sweet Expressions said...

We only use the tastiest, most desirable candies that we know your guests will enjoy. An assortment of candies is used in our packages.

Call to find out what candies are in the packages or tell us your color or theme of party...we will design a candy buffet that accompanies your needs & pleases your guests!

Unique Sweet Expressions said...

The Candy Selections are endless, but here are a few examples:

Hard Candy Sticks
Swizzle Sticks (rock candy)
Jordan Almonds
Assorted Chocolates
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Assorted Jelly Belly
Saltwater Taffy
Milk Chocolate
Personalized Candybars (full size & miniatures)